5 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Lift Kit on Your Car ASAP

Date Posted: 18 August 2023 

5 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Lift Kit on Your Car ASAP main image 5 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Lift Kit on Your Car ASAP image

If you’ve been itching to upgrade your car for a better ride, particularly when it comes to 4WDing, a lift kit could be just the thing.

What is a suspension lift kit for your car?

It’s a curated set of components that together raises your suspension and overall vehicle ride height by replacing your factory standard suspension with larger and more specialised suspension parts. This includes shock absorbers, springs and control arms.

But why go to all this hassle? Well, there’s a whole load of good reasons.

5 Things You’re Missing Out on Sticking With Your Factory Suspension

1. The Space for Larger Tyres (& Everything That Comes With Them)

First and foremost, with a lift kit, you have the room to add larger tyres to your 4x4. And this brings a whole host of benefits.

For starters, your larger tyres will give you improved traction and stability, even when dealing with uneven off-road terrain. If you’re a keen off-road adventurer and you want to try harder tracks, these are a must.

Additionally, with these larger tyres (thanks to that suspension lift), you’ll raise your ground clearance. This means your 4x4’s underside has a bit more space between it and the terrain, reducing the likelihood of damage. And even if it does get a bit beaten up or you’re looking to check it over or make further enhancements, you’ll have an easier time getting to it thanks to that higher clearance.

Finally, another benefit of that raised height is improved visibility. You’ll be better able to see the track or road ahead, helping you react in time appropriately to avoid dangers and better handle the terrain.

2. Enhanced Load-Carrying Capabilities

If you like to tow your camper or a trailer full of gear, or even just pack your 4WD full of must-haves for a weekend away, a suspension lift kit is essential. With it, you’re improving your car’s load-carrying capacity. This is because it helps to eliminate sag when towing.

3. Improved Shock Absorption

Bumpy roads and sub-par suspension do not go together. Luckily, with a lift kit, you’ll find that the load is more evenly distributed, meaning less jolting and jostling for everyone in your 4x4. As the driver, you’ll also find your arms and back are less tired and sore after a day’s drive.

4. Better Approach & Departure Angles

When you’re fording creeks, climbing rocky slopes or making your way up and down sand dunes, approach and departure angles matter. That’s why a suspension lift is so important. It will give you better approach and departure angles, making it easier to drive up and over obstacles in your path.

5. An Edgier Looking 4WD

There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your 4x4’s appearance and a lift kit certainly looks good. That raised height and the addition of bigger tyres goes a long way to making your 4WD look like a serious adventuring rig, even if you’re just starting out.

Before You Install That Lift Kit…

As with any modification to your car, it’s important to be fully informed.

Know If You Want a Body or Suspension Lift Kit

Wondering what the difference is between a body lift kit vs a suspension lift kit? While the clue is in the name, it’s fair to be a little confused. Body lift kits lift just the body of your car — your suspension will stay at the same height. As a result, you might find you’re dealing with poor handling and stability issues. Conversely, suspension lift kits raise the suspension and the rest of the car with it. All those exciting points above come from raising your suspension, not just the body, so no prizes for guessing which option we think is better.

Understand Your State’s Legal Lift Limits

Modifying your car needs to be considered carefully; unless you’re okay with big fines and potentially even losing your car. Each state has different regulations about what is okay when it comes to lifting your car, however you generally will see some similarities between them all.

For instance, when it comes to what is the legal lift height limit in Victoria, your overall lift can’t be more than 75 mm from the factory standard for your car. This is achieved through a max lift of 25 mm to the tyres (adding 50 mm to the diameter) and a suspension lift of 50 mm.

It is worth noting though that you can actually go a little higher in Queensland, you just need certification. As a result, the highest legal lift kit height in Queensland is 150 mm but there are restrictions as to how this can be reached, as with the height achieved before certification is needed.

Memorise Your Constant Load

When picking your perfect lift kit, pay close attention to what it is rated for in terms of constant load. This is the weight of your car plus any additionals that are always present, like gear or accessories. Your suspension lift kit needs to be able to handle this weight (and a little more depending on what you sometimes bring along).

Have a Professional Installer Picked Out

While you might be the expert on your car, it’s worthwhile getting a professional to install your suspension lift kit for you. This ensures that you’ll get to enjoy all those pros we listed above, as well as keep everything safe. Changing your suspension improperly can lead to some serious problems, even resulting in injury or death. So, it’s better to set some cash aside to get a professional with all the tools and know-how to do the job for you.

Raise the Roof With Machter

If you’re ready to go to new heights with your 4x4, be sure to check out Machter’s range of affordable and quality lift kits.