Steering Knuckles

Take Control With Quality Steering Knuckles

Just as skeletal knuckles afford you the dexterity to perform fine motor skills—such as turning a steering wheel, for example—steering knuckles get a grip to make your front wheels move. While steering knuckles cannot clasp or cause other components to form a fist, they are the ultimate middlemen between the steering and front two wheels. Attaching to the suspension and steering components via its spindles, steering knuckles move with the motions of the steering wheel and transmit these movements to the two front tyres. Without steering knuckles, your car could not turn or rotate, so we owe a lot to these underrated car parts!

Since steering knuckles are so critical to the safety and stability of front suspension steering, it’s important to keep them in tip-top condition. They require precision radii and quality surface finishes, as well as a flatness only a machine can create. Whether your steering knuckles are wearing out or reaching their recommended use-by date, we’ve got brand-new aftermarket replacements available that are tailored to your car model.

Toyota Steering Knuckles for Sale

Toyota drivers rejoice! We have a Toyota HiLux steering knuckle arm available for each side of the car. Check out our front-right and front-left steering knuckle arms for the Toyota HiLux Vigo, made from sturdy materials and gleaming with high-quality finishes. While you’re here, you may also wish to invest in an aftermarket sway bar link: another key component to your car’s suspension system. These parts stabilise the car and prevent it from leaning too far during sharp turns. However you need to upgrade your suspension or steering components, you can count on Machter to deliver the goods. We can even special-order in a part just for you!

Get Car-Smart With the Car Part You Need at Machter

If your car’s due for an upgrade, that isn’t something to put off. Invest in new steering knuckles today and restore scope—and, more importantly, safety—to your suspension steering system. If you get stuck or can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to one of our auto-enthusiast staff members and they’ll point you in the right direction. Shop the full collection online today at Machter!

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