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Car shock absorbers are a key component of your brake system, along with the brake cylinders and callipers. Essentially, a shock absorber is a mechanical or hydraulic device that is designed to absorb and dampen shock impulses. Without them, the control over your steering would be reduced, and even your ability to brake and accelerate would be impacted as well.

Machter: the Expert Shock Absorber Suppliers

If you find yourself dealing with worn-out shocks and are in need of replacement parts, Machter is the only store you’ll ever need. We stock a comprehensive range of shock absorbers for cars. As one of Australia’s leading aftermarket shock absorber suppliers, we’ll help you find what you need to get you safely back onto the road.

Meet Our Huge Range of Auto Shock Absorbers

Whether it is your front shock absorber that needs fixing or you need a replacement for a rear shock absorber, Machter has you covered!

Discover Rear Shock Absorbers, Front Shock Absorbers & So Much More

At Machter, we have a wide variety of auto parts that will ensure your vehicle goes the distance. Auto shock absorbers are certainly key to your car remaining on the road, but there are other essential car parts and tools you might need too. Shocks and struts, for example, help your car adjust to road irregularities. While shocks allow the wheel to absorb and recover from bumps, struts help support the weight of the vehicle via the suspension. From suspension parts like these to engine components like the clutch slave cylinder, we have it all at Machter

We Stock the Right Shock Absorber for Your Vehicle

At Machter, our vision is simple: to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of quality replacement vehicle parts at the most competitive prices. That’s why we are always busy researching, developing and expanding our range, so that when you need a new part, you’ll find the perfect one at Machter.

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From shock absorbers to stepper motors, Machter is here to get you back on the road sooner without breaking the bank. Plus, if you need advice on automotive parts, we are only too happy to share our industry knowledge and insights. We’ll do what it takes to help you find a suitable solution for your vehicle at a price that is right for you.

Race into Machter for High-Quality Car Shock Absorbers

So what are you waiting for? Shop at Machter today for first-rate shock absorbers and more!

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