Strut Spacers & Coil Spacers

Strut Spacers | Coil Strut Spacers

Machter brings to you a range of coil spacers suspensions that will ensure your vehicle is ready for that next long drive. Coil strut spacers are designed to mount on top of the strut mount bearing of a shock absorber and to create lift without limiting wheel travel or effecting ride quality over your stock suspension.

To achieve better vehicle stability especially, during the car’s cornering and turning, people tend to use wheel spacers. Responsible for creating space for the wheels, this component causes the tires to move further apart. As a result, the vehicle’s weight is distributed equally on all the four wheels, enhancing the car’s handling. Sometimes, the new rims don’t fit exactly due to their improper size. Nevertheless, this issue can be resolved using wheel spacers, as it will set the wheel much forward and can even operate the inside fender liner

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