Car & 4WD Diff Solenoid Valves

Upgrade Your Engine's Performance With Our Quality Aftermarket Differential Solenoid Valves

Machter is home to reliable aftermarket differential solenoid valves for a range of car makes and models. Our selection of car solenoids is specially designed to help your engine run smoother, perform better, and give you the power and acceleration you need on the road. Moreover, they are easy to install and provide a reliable and effective solution to common engine problems. With our solenoid control valves, you can improve the oil flow to your engine's differential, reducing wear and tear, and improving overall efficiency.

At Machter, we take pride in providing our customers with the best possible parts for their car engines. That's why we offer a diversified range of solenoid valves and car engine parts, including brake boosters and much more. This ensures that you will be able to find just the part you’re after, whether you’re looking to upgrade, repair or rebuild your car.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Rough Shifting & ‘Hello’ to Smooth Driving With Our Solenoid Valves & Diff Breather Kits

When you need a solenoid valve for your car, we have an extensive selection to choose from. Priced competitively and made from durable materials, a Machter solenoid valve won’t steer you wrong.

Additionally, we also have differential breather kits available too if you want to upgrade or replace this at the same time for maximum efficiency and performance.

In fact, Machter makes it easy to overhaul everything you need to in your car. Transmission giving you trouble? We have plenty of transmission parts to choose from! Then, make sure your engine is getting the perfect flow of fuel and air with our needle valves. It’s all here at Machter.

Drive With Confidence & Precision, Thanks to Our Solenoid Valves & More

Whether you need a Mitsubishi vacuum solenoid valve or a Hilux diff breather kit, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range now.

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