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CV Joint Drive Shafts - Drivetrain Systems

CV drive shafts that will ensure your vehicle is ready for that next long drive. A CV (Constant Velocity) drive shaft is used in the front-engine rear-wheel drive and belongs to the components of suspension system and holds the transmission suspension together and is the essential part in your drivetrain system.

The CV drive shaft, also called a propeller shaft, is commonly a hollow steel tube. The tubular design makes the CV shaft strong and light. Most standard vehicles use a single, one-piece driveshaft. Many large vehicles and trucks have a two-piece driveshaft. This cuts the length of each shaft to avoid driveline vibration.

What causes CV Joint Failure?

Perhaps the most common answer for any auto part failure is the fact that it gets worn out. Worn or broken drive shafts can cause vibration, meaning it may be time to get a replacement.

The lack of grease in the drive shaft can also cause it to fail, rubbing metal together and making it sometimes unsafe to drive your vehicle.

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