Hub Nut Socket

Axle Hub Nut Socket Kit

At Machter, we’re known for our array of car parts. As one of the largest online suppliers in Australia, we know just what you need to ensure your vehicle will go the distance. In order for your vehicle to do just that, it is imperative to have fully functioning hub nut sockets.

Within Steering and Suspension System the axle nuts are responsible for keeping the driveshaft within the wheel hub on front-wheel or 4x4 vehicles. The hub nut is a crucial part of what gives you drive in your car. Without it, there is nothing to hold the driveshaft in place and - while the wheel won’t necessarily fall off - you will be running a serious risk of the driveshaft either falling out or snapping off entirely and your driveshaft bearing will very often be taken serious damage or be destroyed.

Adjusting your hub nut can affect the rotation, so it is advisable to check your manual to make sure that you are maintaining the recommended specifications. Since hub nuts can often be difficult to remove and fit, it is advised that you enlist the help of a mechanic to perform everything related toaxle spindle nut replacement

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