Coil & Leaf Springs

Let Machter's Range of Leaf Springs & Coil Springs Take Your Suspension to the Next Level!

Are you looking to upgrade your 4x4 vehicle's suspension system with the best aftermarket leaf springs and coil springs for your suspension? Look no further than Machter's range of premium suspension components! Our high-quality products are designed with precision to take your driving experience to the next level with improved handling, stability and comfort. Whether you need leaf springs or helpers, coil springs for your suspension or a 4WD coil spring compressor, Machter has you covered with an incredible range at great prices. We even have options designed to fit popular car makes and models. So whether you’ve been hunting down Nissan Patrol leaf springs or Toyota Hilux rear leaf springs, or you need a host of suspension components, we’ve got your sorted. Plus, with Machter's commitment to quality, you can trust that your upgraded suspension system will stand up to even the toughest off-roading conditions.

No matter what you drive, from an Isuzu D’Max to the classic Toyota Hilux, choosing our heavy-duty leaf springs will give you an improved driving experience whether you are hitting the open road or going for an off-roading excursion.

Experience the Difference With Our Range of Coil & Leaf Springs!

At Machter, we offer premium-quality 4x4 leaf spring suspension systems. These are designed to provide the ultimate driving experience, even on rough terrain. Our leaf springs are manufactured using high-grade materials that ensure maximum durability, strength and longevity. Whether you’re after Toyota rear leaf springs or a fresh set of Isuzu leaf springs, you know you’ll get a great deal on a quality product.

Additionally, we also offer an incredible range of leaf spring helpers. These can provide extra support to your suspension system, as well as coil spring suspension systems and 4WD coil spring compressors, for added convenience. They can also be the perfect way to make sure your 4WD is up to the challenge of the great outdoors.

Put the Power Into Your Hands With Other Great Machter Products

If you’re looking for that precise handling and control while off-roading, you need more than just a quality suspension system. Having tough and well-made steering components are just as important. From sway bars to power steering parts, we’ve got plenty on offer too. Simply choose the part made to suit your vehicle, install and then you can embark on your next adventure!

For a Suspension Ready to Spring Into Action, Choose Machter

For a 4x4 that will boldly traverse this awesome country, replete with action-packed tracks, be sure to shop our coil springs and leaf springs now.