Car Lights - Headlights, Fog lights, & Tail lights

Car lighting systems have evolved over the years. This vehicle system has progressed because of technological advancements, providing you with a better and safer driving experience. You can now buy aftermarket car lights if your current lights are not bright enough to assist you while driving. If you need new car lights, you’ve come to the right place. Machter Autoparts is here to provide you with the aftermarket car lights that work with all types of car makes and models. We offer various lights; from headlights, taillights, and foglights, we got everything.

What are the Different Car Lights Types?


Your vehicle’s headlights are categorised into two types: low beam and high beam. Both of these lights allow you to see the roads in the dark, while also signalling incoming cars that you are approaching. Low beam provides a light distribution that gives forward and lateral illumination without blinding other drivers with any excessive glare. On the other hand, high beams provide an intense centre-weighted light distribution, giving you no precise control of its glare and should only be used when you don’t have any cars in front of you--driving towards or ahead of you. LED headlights are one of the most popular types of headlights in the market.

Tail Lights

These types of car lights are required to produce the red light at the rear of your vehicle and are set up in a way that they will light up whenever your headlights are on. While night driving, they are the ones responsible for alerting the driver behind you that you are driving in front of them and how far ahead you are. Most drivers find LED taillights better than the original ones.

Daytime Running Lights

These car lights are located in the front and rear of your car and typically turn on automatically, although, in some vehicles, you have the option to turn them off. Daytime running lights are responsible for making your car more visible to other cars, but some drivers find them distracting in approaching cars. In some aftermarket LED headlights and aftermarket LED tail lights daytime running lights are included.

Fog Lights

Fog Lights are located near the headlights, typically mounted low to prevent any light from reflecting on the fog and glaring back toward you when driving. These lights should be used during fog when your standard headlights are not sufficient. LED fog lights provide better visibility than regular fog lights.

Signal Lights

These car lights are also known as turn signals and are located in the front and the back of your car, beside or integrated into your head and tail lights. When you activate them, they signal other drivers that you’ll be making a turn, whether left or right and will slow down to do the turn.

Brake Lights

Your car's brake lights are located to the side of the rear lights and are responsible for signalling drivers that you are slowing down or stopping. Since they are only activated when you use your brakes, you don’t need to worry about misusing these car lights. However, keep in mind to maintain them and make sure that they are not burned out.

Hazard Lights

These lights are located in both the front and back of your car and some are located on the side or on the mirrors. When you turn them on, you warn other drivers that you are experiencing a problem, in distress or warning of any immediate danger such as rocks on the road or a procession. Only use these car lights when you are giving warnings of traffic problems or distress and never as a stop signal or to park illegally.

Driving lamps

These car lights are located inside your vehicle and are responsible for providing lighting to you or your passengers to safely locate things in the dark, or for reading and checking maps. They are not recommended for long periods of use and can be distracting for the driver.

Car Lights FAQs

Should I use car lights during the day?

Since there is sufficient lighting available during the day, you may not need any of these lights unless you pass through a tunnel or any dark area. Modern vehicles are equipped with daytime running lights which will remain on as you drive. As mentioned above, they alert other drivers of your presence on the road.

What car lights should I use during dusk?

During dusk or when the sun is beginning to set, you should use your low beam headlights. These headlights can help you get better visibility on the road ahead.

Any specific car lights to use at night?

It all depends on where you are driving. If you are alone on the road, you can use your high beam headlights. If there are oncoming cars, please use low beam lights so you won’t blind other drivers.

Which car lights should I use during foggy and rainy weather?

For foggy weather, use your fog lights to ensure your safety and others on the road. Make sure to maintain a good amount of distance from any vehicles moving ahead. If it's raining, low beams are recommended. These lights can provide you with the best visibility of the road ahead. When it’s raining too heavy, and you can’t see even 100 metres ahead, continuously use your low beams and never use hazards or high beam headlights.

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