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Taillights are the red lights found on the back of your car. These lights are turned on whenever you turn on your headlights. When stopping, your taillights produce a bright red light compared to a dimmer red light when you’re driving your car. Since they’re on the rear end of your car, they serve as a warning for vehicles approaching your car that you’re going to stop or brake. Some tail lights casing are made of reflective materials, which helps amplify the light it produces, allowing it to appear larger and brighter than it actually is. If your taillights are broken, and you need one, Machter Autoparts can help you find a replacement to suit your needs. We have tail lights perfect for various car makes and models. 

How do Tail Lights Work?

Your car’s tail lights work on a relay. They are wired to the same switch as your headlights. This means that they turn on whenever you turn your headlights on. This feature allows you to not worry about forgetting to switch your taillights on. If your vehicle has automatic lights, the taillights will immediately turn on as you switch your engine on.

Different Types of Taillights

Aftermarket tail lights come in various types. Below are three different types of tail lights:

  • LED taillights - LED lights are becoming more popular as a type of car lights. This type of light uses less energy, which makes them last longer than traditional tail lights.
  • Halogen taillights - This is the most common type of taillights and can be found as a standard light on most vehicles.
  • Xenon lights - This type of car tail light produces healthy, bright lights and has a higher intensity than other lights. This taillight uses an electrical arc rather than a filament. 

Benefits of LED Tail Lights

LED taillights can be found on many modern vehicles, which may leave you wondering why they are advertised as better than old-school options. Although LED lights can be more expensive than halogens, they pose more benefits compared to other types of taillights. When you choose LED taillights coming from reputable manufacturers, you are sure to get high-quality products. Since LED taillights are the common aftermarket taillights, you can buy, listed below are the benefits of installing them.

Better Light Coverage and Visibility

One of the most important advantages of LED taillight is better visibility; having better light coverage when driving in the dark means safer navigation. LEDs are made from several light bulb systems, compared to the single bulbs in traditional fixtures. That’s why they emit an array of lights that makes your vehicle more visible to other drivers on the road.


The reason why LED lights became popular in the market is their energy efficiency feature. By using LED taillights, your car’s battery and alternator experience less strain, resulting in more time between replacements and lesser money spent on maintenance and repair, saving you more money in the long run.

Longer Lifespan

Compared to incandescent lights, LED taillights are less likely to easily break since they don’t have a filament and the heat they produce is highly concentrated. Most LED taillights are made to withstand harsh road conditions and can last ten times longer than their traditional taillights.


Aftermarket LED taillights are easy to install. Most of them are plug-and-play, so if you’re not too technical, installing LED taillights may not be a problem for you.

Why are Tail Lights Important?

Taillights play an integral role in the safety aspect of your vehicle. They are responsible for lighting the rear edge of your car, so other drivers can gauge the size and shape of your vehicle and how far away you are from them. Apart from that, they allow other cars to see your vehicle even during severe weather conditions such as rain or snow. If your tail lights have blown out, be sure to replace them right away. You can get fined and lose demerit points if you have faulty taillights. 

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