Lowering Blocks

Upgrade Your Ride for Improved Handling & Style With Our Lowering Blocks!

Welcome to Machter: your one-stop shop for auto parts, from lowering blocks to shock absorbers. In fact, when it comes to lowering blocks, we’ve got plenty to choose from, whether you’re driving a Ford Falcon or a Toyota Hilux. Our 2.5-inch and 4-inch lowering blocks are designed to lower your vehicle efficiently, improving handling and stability while also giving it a sportier look. These blocks are made of durable materials to survive and withstand the rigours of regular use, ensuring you get excellent value for money from your new AU Falcon or Hilux lowering blocks. Our lowering blocks are popular among auto enthusiasts because they provide that sizable drop in height while maintaining the factory ride performance. Plus, they are a hassle-free improvement for any car owner as they are designed to fit your car’s specifications and are simple to install.

Step Up Your Vehicle's Game With Our Quality Range Of Lowering Blocks!

Lowering blocks are a fantastic suspension component to improve your car's overall appearance, performance and style. One of their main benefits is the improved handling and stability that comes with lowering your vehicle's centre of gravity. Even at high speeds, you’ll find that our range of lowering blocks for Ford and more give you enhanced control.

Similarly, when you lower your car’s height with our lowering blocks, you’ll improve its overall aerodynamics. This can help it run more efficiently and perform better all around. Plus, you might even find you’re saving more at the petrol station too.

But it’s not just in your car’s performance that you’ll see improvements. Lowering blocks can also give your car that undeniably sleek and stylish. If you want to give your BA Falcon ute a more aggressive attitude, lowering blocks will do the trick, helping you stand out on the road.

With our range of lowering blocks, you can trust that not only are you getting that improved performance and aesthetic, you’re also getting a quality product. This is because we use premium materials and advanced production techniques when creating our lowering blocks. It’s the same with any of our great products, from axle spindles to radiator fans. We want you to be satisfied with your new purchase and see it make a difference to your car, whether you’re repairing or replacing a damaged part or upgrading your vehicle.

Shift Things Up Today With Our Lowering Blocks!

Get more from your car with one easy install: lowering blocks! Buy yours today from our extensive aftermarket range.

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