Strut Mount & Bearing

Strut Mount Bearing - Front Strunt Mounts & Rear Strut Mount 

Machter brings to you a range of strut mount bearings that will ensure your vehicle is ready for that next long drive. In a car, a strut is on top of a shock absorber that is built into an assembly with the coil spring and the top mount is called a strut mount some are with a bearing and some or not. At the end of a shock absorber, we will find the 2nd bearing, the connected to the that makes steering in combination with a power steering rack and a effortless. A top strut mount connects the strut to the vehicle's body or frame.

A bad strut bearing can also cause a popping or creaking noise when turning the steering wheel at slow speed. The way the steering wheel turns may feel jerky too; like it jams and snaps free repeatedly. This happens when the grease inside the bearing dries out or there is some corrosion or wear.

You can identify a faulty strut mount bearing by the following:

  • A loud bang when driving over a pothole or a speed bump
  • The steering is heavy and jerky, with a delay on steering movements.

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