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Set Of 4 Rear Trailing Arm Bushes Will Suit Upper And Lower

Control Trailing Arm Rear-Bush Kit

Inner Diameter: 14.5mm

Outer Diameter: 51mm

Fitting Position: Rear Axle Lower

Length: 59.5mm



Fit For Nissan

Patrol Gq (Y60) 4.2 Carburettor Petrol (Swb/Lwb/Ute 88-92, w/Tb42S 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gq (Y60) 4.2 Mpfi Petrol (Swb 92-94, Lwb/Ute 92-97, w/Tb42E 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gq (Y60) 3.0 Carburettor Petrol (Lwb 90-95, w/Rb30S 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gq (Y60) 4.2 Diesel (Swb 88-94, Lwb/Ute 88-97, w/Td42 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gq (Y60) 2.8 Turbo Diesel (Lwb 95-97, w/Rd28T 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gu (Y61) 4.5 Mpfi Petrol (Lwb 97-01, w/Tb45E 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gu (Y61) 4.8 Mpfi Petrol (Lwb 01+, w/Tb48E 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gu (Y61) 4.2 Diesel (Lwb/Ute 97-00, w/Td42 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gu (Y61) 4.2 Turbo Diesel (Lwb/Ute 00-07, w/Td42T 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gu (Y61) 2.8 Turbo Diesel Intercooled (Lwb 97-00, w/Rd28Eti 6Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gu (Y61) 3.0 Turbo Diesel Intercooled (Lwb 00+, w/Zd30 4Cyl Engine)

Patrol Gu (Y61) 3.0 Turbo Diesel Intercooled (Ute 07+, w/Zd30 4Cyl Engine)

Fit For Ford

Maverick Da (Y60) 4.2 Carburettor Petrol (Swb/Lwb 88-94, w/Tb42S 6Cyl Engine)

Maverick Da (Y60) 4.2 Diesel (Swb/Lwb/Ute 88-94, w/Td42 6Cyl Engine)



4 x Rubber Filled Cylinderical Control Arm Bushing


Brand Machter Autoparts Online
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.060m
Unit Of Measure ea

This product fits the below vehicles. Please check that your vehicle is in the list before purchasing:

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