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Universal Performance Parts & Accessories

Universal parts are designed to fit a wide selection of cars regardless of their make and model. They also have an extensive range of applications and are best used to modify and customise your vehicle.

Keep in mind that each car is unique. Therefore, you may need to do some extra work to get the part to suit your car. In some cases, a part may require one or more of the following:

If you’re looking to improve your car’s performance or give it a makeover to match your personality, great news! Machter provides a broad range of universal accessories such as 4WD accessories, retainer clips, trim clips and more to meet all your auto requirements. All of our products meet our high standards for excellence, reliability, and performance. We do our best to only provide top-grade products for our customers.

Tips for Choosing Universal Auto Parts

We know it's tempting to over-accessorise your car to enhance its performance and appearance. But before you splurge on universal car parts, consider the following tips to get the most out of your money.

Consider Your Car Needs

“Putting your needs ahead of your wants” is a practical approach when shopping, including if you’re shopping for auto parts and accessories. There are countless universal accessories available to suit all kinds of cars, but you are unlikely to need all of them. With so many car accessories available, finding the perfect one can be confusing at first. However, it can help to determine why you want to buy an accessory in the first place. What purpose does it serve? How will this improve or change your driving experience? Some products may be better suited to different lifestyles, driving habits, and personal preferences. 

Know Your Style

Decide on a style early on when you’re looking at accessories. You can let that style be your guide to buying any future accessories. If not, you could end up spending lots of money on parts and accessories you don’t need and your car may look odd and cluttered. Trust us, that’s not a good look. Your car’s appearance reflects your personality. That’s why most universal auto parts are used to personalise and customise vehicles. So, if you have a plan and style in mind for your car’s look, then you’ll know what kind of accessories to buy.

Remember Safety

No matter how good of a driver you are, you will still be exposed to some risk when driving. That’s why safety should be one of your most important priorities when choosing a car accessory. Will it make your car safer to drive or will it impact your ability to drive safely? Ensure that any accessories you invest in do not interfere with your car’s important safety features like alarm systems, headlights, adjustable belts and airbags. 

Consider Price

The cost is probably the most obvious consideration when shopping for a car accessory. Most auto parts are priced according to their design and function, as well as any additional selling points. What’s best about universal aftermarket parts though is you can get them for a fraction of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part’s cost, while still getting the same look and functionality. If you’ve got a big project in mind for your car, using universal parts can be a way to stay within your budget.

Think About Performance and Quality

Not all universal aftermarket parts are created equally. It’s important to weigh these parts’ performances against their prices. You may find an outlet shop that sells aftermarket parts for a cheaper price, but will they last long? You don’t want to waste money buying the same parts again in a few months’ time. It may help you save more in the long run if you spend a little more money on parts that will last longer and perform better. The great thing about Machter’s range of parts and accessories is that we only stock high-quality but affordable products.

Remember Compatibility

If an auto part doesn’t fit, it won’t do the job well. It actually would be nothing but a waste of money. That’s why you want to purchase accessories that are sure to fit your vehicle. Luckily, universal car accessories are compatible with almost all car models. There may be some instances when you need to adjust a product a little to ensure it is sitting properly and will work as intended, but generally, you should have no issue with them.

Above we’ve listed the basic factors to consider when buying accessories for your vehicle. Keep in mind that this is just a guide. If you do your own research, including on your car and the available parts, and speak with your trusted mechanic, you’ll find the perfect parts guaranteed. It’s your car after all! And then you can get to customising it!

It's time to give your car a makeover! Buy from Machter’s universal car parts collection now and ride in style. For more information on universal auto parts, consult our specialists now.