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Steering Rack Boots Replacement - Power Steering Boots

If you’re inspecting your vehicle and happen to see a drip below your front suspension, it is never a good sign, especially if it’s coming from the power steering rack. The power steering rack operates something like a hydraulic piston. When you turn the steering wheel, fluid is pushed under pressure to help you move the wheels. 

In many cases, the reason the seals wear is replaced is because the boots have become torn. The surfaces inside are very highly machined and do not tolerate dirt and grime well. If you see that the boots on your steering rack are ripped, replace them right away, as any dirt inside will shorten rack life.

When you turn the steering wheel, fluid is pushed under pressure from the steering pump to help you move the wheels. The rack has two high-pressure seals in it. One is set for the right side, and another is set for the left. Oil should never leak past these seals; if it does it means the oil seals are worn out and the rack should be rebuilt or replaced.

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Steering rack boots protect your car's steering systems from being damaged by dirt on the road. They take the damage from rocks, mud, and other elements instead of the sensitive parts for your steering. We extensively research and develop our range of aftermarket parts so we can provide unique solutions and scale products to your requirements. 

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