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Power Steering Rack Leak - Steering Rack Replacement Cost

The car steering rack is an integral component of a vehicle’s rack-and-pinion steering mechanism. It is a metal bar that sits parallel to the front axle that moves left and right as the steering wheel is turned. The movement of the steering rack allows the driver to aim the front wheels in their desired direction.

Although they're generally a rather hardy part made of steel, it's actually fairly common for a steering rack to fail on an older vehicle. Due to its location, the rack is exposed to both high under hood temperatures and exposed to all kinds of elements beneath the car. Repeated hits from road debris can damage internal bushings and cause a leak.

Can I drive with a bad steering rack?

We do not recommend driving with a leaking or faulty steering rack and pinion gear parts. If you know what causes rack and pinion problems, then you can easily avoid this issue happening to you.

Steering and Suspension System - Power Steering Rack Price

If the power steering rack wears out badly, it will start to leak. The absence of the hydraulic fluid will result in hard, difficult steering and mostly destroy your power steering pump after a short time when it has been used without power steering oil. This is the right time to replace a new or reconditioned replacement steering rack.

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