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A steering rack is an essential part of the rack and pinion steering system. It is the bar parallel to the front axle that shifts to the left or right when you turn the steering wheel. Essentially, the rack relays the movement from the steering shaft to the tie-rod shaft with a mechanical, hydraulic, or electric system. It is the core component that transmits the movement from the steering wheel to the front wheels.

Your car steering rack is responsible for converting the shaft’s rotational motion into a linear motion. Using the gear ratio, it multiplies the turning force from the steering wheel and transmits that power to the wheels.

When Should I Replace My Steering Rack?

Want to know what are the symptoms of a bad steering rack? Since the steering rack is a critical component of your steering and suspension system, you need to stay aware of its condition. Once it wears out or gets damaged, your ability to control your vehicle is compromised making you vulnerable to accidents. If you want to be safe, you have to be aware of the following signs of a bad steering rack:

A Tight Steering Wheel

Most modern steering systems use a power steering rack that utilises hydraulic pressure for easier, smoother steering wheel handling. When your steering wheel feels unusually tight to turn, it may be because of a decrease in hydraulic pressure from the power steering unit, or the steering wheel or the gearbox is building up more heat.

A Power Steering Rack Leak

A decrease in the power steering fluid is caused by a leak somewhere in the rack and pinion steering system. It could be a loose fitting, broken gasket or other mechanical problem. Whatever the cause, it needs to be checked and fixed as soon as possible before the steering box overheats.

You’ll easily spot a leakage — look for a rusty-coloured liquid that drips to the ground from the driver’s side. The appearance of your hydraulic liquid also helps indicate the condition of your steering system. If the colour or consistency changes, or it foams, then the hydraulic liquid should be changed. In addition, if the oil looks milky in consistency, then water must have entered your steering system.

Unusual Noises When Steering

If you hear grinding noises when you steer, it usually means that there’s not enough lubrication in the steering box. This is causing metal parts to rub against each other, making the unusual sound.

You Smell Burning Oil

Hydraulic fluid has a similar odour to burning oil. When you notice this odour while driving, your gearbox may be overheated. You should pull over and check your engine. If you leave it too long, it could catch fire.

Experiencing Steering Rack Issues?

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