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Power steering is a system in your vehicle responsible for assisting the driver in steering the car with less effort to turn the steering wheel. But do you know what component helps the system make power steering possible? The power steering pump. This plays a vital role in your vehicle, and losing its power can bring serious problems.

The power steering pump directs fluid from the reservoir into the steering gear, which applies the correct amount of pressure to turn the wheels smoothly. As soon as you notice unusual noises coming from your vehicle, the steering is slow to respond or feels stiff, have your power steering pump inspected, and if needed to be replaced. Power steering and the suspension system are the essential parts of your vehicle and if there is a safety issue, so it should be taken care of by a professional as soon as possible.

Here at Machter, there are many odd noises we’ve heard from our clients’ vehicles over the years, and we’re confident to say groaning noises are the worst your power steering pump can make. They will get worse and worse as your power steering pump continues to fail. If the power steering system fails from lack of fluid it can damage the whole system including the steering rack and lines and require complete replacement. How To Diagnose A Bad Power Steering Pump? >Video<

What is the Function of the Power Steering Pump?

The steering pump also called a vane pump, is responsible for the efficiency of the whole steering system. Power-assisted steering, commonly referred to as power steering, is promoted in almost all vehicles, including trucks and utility cars today. Whichever transmission type of vehicle you have, power steering makes it easy to park and other low-speed manoeuvres. It is usually a necessity for drivers who are not strong enough to steer the wheel manually and for larger cars.

But what is the role of the steering pump to the power steering system, and how does it function? The steering pump is driven by the engine of the car using a pulley and belt as the drive assembly. It has a critical role in realizing power steering and uses hydraulics or electric actuators to pressurize or push fluid (a type of brake fluid similar to automatic transmission fluid) into the power steering gearbox.

Through the help of the pump, this fluid circulates into the power steering system and is used to support turning the wheels of the vehicle with little to no effort from the driver. Here's how it works: when the driver steers the wheel, the tiny ports will open up in the steering shaft allowing the pressurized fluid powered by the pump to assist the shaft in turning the wheels. To perform its duty, the power steering pump needs a special power steering fluid. This fluid should be changed occasionally when needed during periodic maintenance.

What are the FAQs of a Failing Power Steering Pump?

There are several ways to know if your steering pump is failing. If you noticed any of these symptoms, have them replaced immediately. Here are those symptoms:

Whining noise while steering the wheel

If you hear whining noise whenever you turn your vehicle's steering wheel, it's most probably a power steering pump noise. This is a sign that there is something wrong with your power steering system. It could be a leak on the pump, or the fluid level is low. If you leave the fluid level this way for a while, it can damage the whole system. That's why if you hear whining noises, have it checked because you might need a power steering pump replacement.

Steering wheel responds slowly

When making a turn on a corner and you feel like the steering feels slow to respond to the steering wheel, your power steering pump is likely failing. You may also hear a whining noise with this. If you notice these two symptoms together, you may need to replace the power steering pump immediately.

Stiff steering wheel

Apart from your steering wheel's slow response time, you can also feel that it is becoming stiff. This is also a sign that your steering pump is failing. If you feel like the steering wheel is becoming stiff, it may be going bad and may need power steering pump repair.

Squealing noises when starting the vehicle

Whining noises can be heard when making and turn, while the squealing sound comes when you start the vehicle. You can also hear it when you make sharp turns, but it is more likely to be heard when you start the car. The noise will come from the hood and is one of the symptoms of a failing power steering pump, which can cause the belt to slip.

Groaning sounds

Groaning sounds are the worst noise you can hear from your steering pump. The more that your power steering pump fails, the more that the noise gets worse. If the power steering pump is leaking or lacks fluid, it can damage the whole system, including the line and rack, and will require completely replacing the system.

Once you've noticed any unusual sound from your vehicle, slow response time, or stiff steering wheel, make sure to have your pump inspected and, if necessary, replaced. Power steering is a crucial part of your vehicle and is a safety issue; that's why you should always have it checked. 
Here at Machter, there are many odd noises we've heard from our clients' vehicles over the years, and we're confident to say groaning noises are the worst your power steering pump can make. They will get worse and worse as your power steering pump continues to fail. If the power steering system fails from lack of fluid, it can damage the whole system, including the steering rack and lines, and require complete replacement.

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