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At Machter, we’re known for our array of quality suspension parts online. As one of the largest online suppliers in Australia, we know just what you need to ensure your vehicle will go the distance. In order for your vehicle to do just that, it is imperative to have fully functioning suspension and steering parts.

What is the purpose of a suspension system?

The suspension system is what makes your car run smoothly while driving. While it isn’t the most crucial system of your vehicle, driving with a worn-out suspension, wouldn’t make for a pleasant drive, and would certainly make you appreciate a properly functioning one!  There are several different types of suspension parts that make up the car suspension systems for vehicles. These components require maintenance, inspection and replacement at times to ensure a smooth ride.

What are common suspension wear items?

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We have fully automated the process for you to find all the available car parts for your vehicle. Use our make and model selector to view our range today.  We extensively research and develop our range of aftermarket parts so we can provide unique solutions and scale products to your requirements.

Our online auto parts offering caters to different vehicle makes and models so that when you buy suspension and steering parts from us, you can feel confident. From SUV parts to truck parts and everything in between - we can supply just the perfect solutions for every car enthusiast to save you money. Get in touch with your reliable Machter team on (02) 7801 4933 or