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Pulley DIA






Compressor Type

Zexel DKV10R DKV-10R

Car Model

For Subaru Forester Impreza



Fit For Subaru

Fit For Subaru Forester 2.5L  2008 - 2010 
Fit For Subaru Forester With Turbo Engine  2011-2013 
Fit For Subaru Forester 2.0L & 2.5L  2014  
Fit For Subaru Impreza 2.0L  2008  
Fit For Subaru Impreza 2.0L  2010-2013 
Fit For Subaru Impreza 2.5L   2008-2014 
Fit For Subaru WRX   2015  
Fit For Subaru WRX STI  2015  



1 x Pulley Assembly

1 x Clutch Coil

1 x Clutch Plate

2 x Snap Rings

2 x Shims

1 x Bolt

(You Will Receive What You See In The Pictures)




For Your Information

Removal & Installation

The Compressor Assembly Must Be Removed From Its Mounting, But It Is Not Necessary To Discharge The System.


Siung a Band Type Oil Filter Tool, Place It Around The Clutch Plate And Remove The Compressor Shaft Bolt.

Tap The Clutch Plate With a Plastic Hammer And Remove The Clutch Plate To Aid In Bolt Removal.

Remove The Pulley Retaining Snapring With Snapring Pliers, Then Slide The Pulley Assembly Off Of The Compressor.

Remove The Coil Wire Bracket Clip Screw And Wiring Harness.

Remove The Snapring Retaining The Field Coil Onto The Compressor Housing. Slide The Field Coil Off Of The Compressor Housing.

Examine The Frictional Faces Of The Clutch Pulley And Front Plate For Wear. The Pulley And Front Plate Should Be Replaced If There Is Excessive Wear Or Scoring. If The Friction Surfaces Are Oily, Inspect The Shaft Nose Area For Compressor Oil And Remove The Felt From The Front Cover. If The Compressor Felt Is Saturated With Oil, The Shaft Seal Is Leaking And Must Be Replaced.

Check The Bearing For Roughness Or Excessive Leakage Of Grease. Replace The Bearing If Necessary.

To Install

Align The Pin In The Back Of The Field Coil With The Hole In The Compressor End Housing, The Position The Field Coil Into Place. Make Sure That The Lead Wires Are Properly Routed, And Fasten The Diode And Coil Wire Bracket With The Retaining Screw.

Install The Field Coil Retaining Snapring With The Snapring Pliers. Press The Snapring To Make Sure It Is Seated Correctly In The Groove.



If The Snapring Is Not Fully Seated, It Will Vibrate Out. This Will Result In Clutch Failure And Severe Damage To The Front Face Of The Compressor. Do Not Mar The Pulley Frictional Surface.


Install The Pulley Assembly To The Compressor. If Necessary, Tap Gently With a Block Of Wood On The Friction Surface.

Install The Pulley Retaining Snapring With The Bevel Side Outward, With The Snapring Pliers. Press The Snapring To Make Sure It Is Properly Seated Into The Groove.

If The Original Front Plate Assembly a Pulley Are Not Being Reused, The Old Shims Can Be Used. If Not, Place a Trial Stack Of Shims, 0.10 Inch (2.54mm) Thick, On The Shaft Against The Shoulder.

Install The Front Plate Assembly Onto The Shaft.

If Installing a New Front Plate And/Or Pulley, The Gap Between The Front Plate And Pulley Face Must Be Checked. Perform The Following:

Attach a Dial Indicator To The Front Of The Plate So That Movement Of The Plate Can Be Measured.

With The Dial Indicator Zeroed On The Front Plate, Energize The Clutch And Record The Amount Of Movement.

The Readings Should Be 0.014-0.026 Inches (0.35-0.65mm). If The Correct Reading Is Not Obtained, Add Or Subtract Shims Until The Desired Reading Is Obtained.

Install The Compressor Shaft Bolt And Tighten To 135-175 Inch Lbs. (15.5-19.5 Nm).

The Shims May Compress After Tightening The Shaft Nut. Check The Air Gap In Four Or More Places To Verify If The Air Gap Is Still Correct. Spin The Pulley For a Final Check.

After Installing The Clutch, Cycle The A/C Clutch 20 Times (5 Seconds On And 5 Seconds Off). During This Procedure, Set The System To The A/C Mode, The Engine Rpm At 1500-2000, And At High Blower Speed. This Will Seat The Opposing Friction Surfaces And Provide a Higher Clutch Torque Capability

Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.020m
Shipping Height 0.020m
Shipping Length 0.040m
Shipping Cubic 0.000016000m3

This product fits the below vehicles. Please check that your vehicle is in the list before purchasing:

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