Bleed Kit Filler Kit Fit For Seastar Hydraulic Steering Systems

For Seastar Hydraulic Steering Systems. Kit Includes Hose With Screw Cap Which Fits Seastar Or Equivalent Oil Bottles And a Bridge Tube That Connects To Seastar Bleed Fittings.

Used For Refilling Your Boat's Steering System Fluid. One Person Easily Controls The Bleed Process From End To End.

Changing Out Fluid Bottles Is Quick And Clean. Entire Steering System Remains Sealed During The Bleed Process From End To End, Ensuring That Fluid Goes Where It Is Supposed To Go!

Our Bleed Kit Is Easy To Attach And Use. The Bridge Tube Now Comes With Hose Clamps For a Perfect Fit.

For Boat Owners Doing Their Own Maintenance And Repairs Or Professional Technicians Wanting a Tool That Is Light Weight, Easy To Carry And Store.



1. Attach Bottle To Helm Reservoir (Do Not Pierce Bottle)(Do Not Let Bottle Run Empty)

2. Connect Bridge Tube To Bleed Fittings On Steering Cylinder And Loosen/Open Fittings.

3. Use Helm To Pump Fluid Through System By Turning The Wheel In One Direction. Air Bubbles Will Be Pushed To The Reservoir At The Helm.

4. Manually Swing The Outboard Through Full Articulation To Relieve Trapped Air And Confirm Good Bleed.

5. Note: Orientating Bleed Fittings Up While Pumping Fluid With Helm Will Allow Air To Escape Cylinder.

6. Repeat 3-4 As Nessasary Until No Air Is Visible In Bridge Tube.

7. Tighten Bleed Fittings Before Removing Bridge Tube.


Package Included: 

1PCS Seastar Bottle To Helm Tube 

1PCS Bridge Tube That Connects To Seastar Bleed Fittings



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Brand Machter Autoparts Online
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.040m
Shipping Length 0.300m
Shipping Cubic 0.002400000m3